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Car Insurance Shopping Tips

As a savvy consumer, you know that it does not pay his homework and shop around for car insurance. Here are some tips to help you save money and might be the right insurance choice.
Do your research
Did you know that the cost of an identical car insurance can vary hundreds of dollars per semester? Review your coverage. Shop around. You could visit car insurance company Web sites or sites that give you the prices for a number of companies. Keep your hands are sites on politics during your visit to car insurance, so you can make a fair comparison. Most sites want to save your insurance quotes, but you can also be printed if you write them offline.
Stay with a guide
Visit CLOCK Best and Standard & Poor's information on the financial strength of the various car insurance policies. What are the benefits and features they offer? At progressive.com, you can learn about car safety view crash test videos, or use our calculator to determine cost of repair.
Five ways to save money on your car insurance
1. Shop Around
This is the most important thing you do to can get the best possible price. A study shows that the Progressive varied costs for a six-month auto insurance policy for the same driver with the same coverages from company to company by more than $ 500. It is wise to shop around and check your coverage to occasionally.
2. Do not carry coverage
Insurance companies pay claims in the amount of a car actual cash value or market value can to keep as comprehensive and collision coverage is not worth an older car that has depreciated. It is generally recommended that you consider collision coverage fall after four years, or when the collision premium equivalent to ten percent of the auto market value. Understand that because you will not be covered on your car for damages if it overturns or collides with another object.
3. Raise Your Deductible
According to the Insurance Information Institute, raising your deductible from $ 200 to $ 500 could reduce your collision and comprehensive costs of 15 to 30 percent.
4. Drop Rental Reimbursement Coverage
Rental reimbursement insurance is the coverage that pay for some or all your car rental costs while your car is being repaired or until you buy a new car. Policies and costs vary for this type of insurance, but there are strict limits on the scope of coverage. If you can find other means of transport for a few days, even though your car is being repaired, is not you may need this coverage.
5. Make sure you accurately reflected Current Policy
It is important to keep the information your insurance company has to update record about you, your car and your driving. You can claim a discount, if you get married, moved to the suburbs, no longer insure a younger driver, installed a burglar alarm, or if it is present at least three years since the last offense.
Why insurance policies vary
One might think that your auto insurance rate would be pretty much the same, no matter which company you choose. But did you know that your car insurance rates can vary widely? even hundreds of dollars? from company to company? The prices for the same ranges vary mainly because of:
Different claims experience. Car insurance is cheap, the cost of accidents that can happen in the future meet. Of course, companies can not see into the future to do so, they use information about its past claims experience. Since each company has different requirements had experience with the groups of people they insure, the rates customers pay vary from different companies.
Different costs of doing business. Each company cost of doing business (like selling too much to pay and service policies), together with their financial goals is different, what to charge different prices to consumers.
In simple words, on auto insurance pricing policy to cover the amount they need, will be treated to:
# Accidents that have occurred;
# Claims salaries, building leases and other claims related to cost and
Sale # Non-claims expenses such as customer service salaries, advertising and price policy.
Remember, it pays to shop around for auto insurance could, because you save hundreds a year. Research your hats – and your business – so you always get the best value for your money.

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